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Staircase Mold

Depending on the on-site requirements, the going up the stair can vary. Staircases, with or without landing, can be manufactured in either a lying position in an individual formwork, or in a standing position in cassette formwork.

Tilting table

High-performance Stationary Tilting tables is equipped with a hydraulic tilting device to tilt up the required Stationary Pallets for stripping the elements vertically as & when required. They are designed for the casting of reinforced large area concrete products of varying dimensions and configurations.

Battery Moulds

Battery molds are designed for the vertical casting of wall panels in mass production. Battery Mold is basically composed of a fixed middle part two movable external molds, which are electric motor driven. Vibrators facilitate the effective compacting of concrete & are integrated in the mold frame, and are powered by a frequency converter for the infinitely variable speed regulation.

Beams & Columns Mold /Formwork

Usually Designers keep standard width and height forms. Column forms are usually non pre-stressed and can be made up of steel or wood. Rectangular beams can be cast in or made in specially fabricated battery molds.

Semi-automatic Mesh Welding Machine

Saves time in Precast industry. Maximum Mesh sheet size is 2.4 x 6 meter long, pocket size from 100 x 100 To 300 x 300 mm with wires of dia. from 5 To 12 mm. The Electro-welded Mesh’s is made from Pre-straightened & Pre-cut Wire duly spot-welded. The Line wires are inserted manually, but are fed automatically and the Cross-wires are falling automatic from the wires hopper.


High performance magnetic strips are implemented, which are activated or de-activated mechanically. With the versatile magnet components and the extensive accessories all challenges can be mastered in the formwork construction.