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Looking for Joint Venture to Manufacture Non-Load Bearing Light-weight Wall Panels used for Partition Wall & Boundary Wall

Hollow core Lightweight M40 Concrete Wall Panels are better than conventional material for Partition / External Walls, Hvy Boundary Walls & for various Housing

We also Manufacture and Supply: - Lightweight Wall Panel for Wall Partition & Panels and Columns for Heavy Duty Boundary Wall

We can give technology & consultancy for manufacturing, maintenance of machinery & an excecution for installation of Wall Panels

Lightweight Concrete Wall Panels

Internal Partition Wall

External Wall

Housing Wall

Lightweight Wall panels are Latest in India: -

Building Partition Walls with Lightweight Hollow Core Concrete Wall Panels Replaces all conventional material
- like AAC / CLC / Solid Blocks, Plywood Boards, Cement bonded Particle board, Gypsum plaster Boards

It is Economical and Installation is 5 times faster than traditional Brickwork and Twice as fast as AAC block, saves labor & Time.

About - Lightweight Hollow core concrete Wall panels
Non-load bearing Lightweight Hollow core wall panels are made up of M40 grade of concrete & are duly reinforced with high carbon steel wires.
To build Partition Wall the panels are interlocked in the Tongue & Groove and filled with cement grout in joints & Top & Bottom of wall panels.
Further the panel’s joints are sealed on wall’s front & back with the help of Fiberglass mesh & cement grout to arrest hairline crack,
which would otherwise develop in future. Because of its flatness after installation, No plastering is needed only 4mm skim coat of wall putty is sufficient before painting.
Application of Wall Panel are for Internal wall partition & External walls of building & MEP utilities are installed in Cylindrical cores of Hollow core Wall panels.

International standard width of Wall panel is 600mm (2 feet) and thickness of panel varies as per customers need from 100,120,150mm & more.
Length can be cut from 50/75mtrs long slab as per your requirement of Room or from 1mtr to 4.2meters (14feet).
The most common panel size used is 100mm thick x 600mm width x length to cut required room height.
The weight of 1Sq.ft. is around 17 Kgs in M40 grade Concrete having density of 2,400 kgs/m3 & for 9 feet high panel (2740mm) is 300 Kgs.
The weight of 1Sq.ft. is approx 10 Kgs in M40 Concrete with LECA (Light Expanded Clay Aggregate) having density less than 1500 kgs/m3.

Application of - Lightweight Wall panels are: -

  • Affordable housing
  • Residential & Commercial buildings, Low & high rise buildings.
  • Hotel Rooms, Class Rooms of Schools / College/ Hospitals
  • Site office, Labour colony, Bungalows, Villas, Cottages.
  • Pre-fab steel structures, PEB sheds, precast structures
  • Industrial shed, Factory shed, Cold-storage, Dividing Walls,
  • Godowns, Warehousing, Mezzanine floor & Toilet blocks,
  • Heavy-duty Boundary Wall, Factory Wall, Compound wall, Trench / Gutter Cover,
  • Also for making Light load Top Roof slabs with good reinforcement & finished with Topping coat of concrete.

Advantages of – Wall panels for making Partition walls are as follow: -

  • Strong & Durable, Quick & Easy to install this Dry wall, No Curing required at installation site.
  • Being Hollow saves 30% input material and has superb Compressive strength about 40 N / mm2.
  • Being M40 Concrete panel, No need of cement mortar plastering & has Resistance in wet condition.
  • Best replacement to AAC / CLC / Solid Blocks, Ply wood Boards, Cement bonded particleboard, Resin bonded
    particleboard, Gypsum plaster boards etc.
  • Number of joints for wall panels is less compare to block & bricks.
  • 4 / 6 person’s team can build wall of install 500 Sq. Feet a day. (6 times faster than traditional method).
  • Being top-rate Moisture resistance Wall panels are well suited for making Bathrooms, Kitchens and Shower rooms etc.
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation, Fire resistance, Acoustic resistant & very good for earthquake zone.
  • They are also most ideal for places where Excellent Sound insulation is key (up to 40dB), for example Hotel rooms,
    Commercial buildings, Apartment buildings, & schools benefit from this type of partition walls
  • No Zari work for conducting.
  • Cylindrical “cores” of hollow core plank work as natural conduits for plumbing & electrical wiring, there by saves cost.
  • Being hollow they do not interfere with Wi-Fi & Internet networks.
  • Door & Windows frames built from Wall panel hence - No Lintel, No stone sills, No maintenance.
  • Despite the thinness, panel are strong and leaves more floor space them by Increase carpet area.
  • Manufacturing cost of Concrete Hollow core Wall panel is very Low.
  • Installed cost of above Wall panel is very competitive with constructed wall from above Conventional material.
  • The panels are also fully recyclable.
  • For Bulk Quantity, can manufacture wall Panels at project site. Saves Transportation.

Comparison of our Lightweight Concrete Hollow Core Wall Panel with Wall Material used in Market

Items Lightweight Wall Panels Lightweight Blocks
(AAC or CLC)
Quality of Works 30 - 40 12 - 15 5 - 8
Compressive strength (kg/cm2) > 100 30 - 50 20 - 35
Water absorption (%) < 14 30 - 40 13 - 18
Thermal conductivity (W/mK) 0.175 0.089 - 0.145 1.2 - 1.4
Fire rating (Hr) 4 3 - 4 1 - 2
Thickness of mortar plastering (mm) 4 - 6 7 - 10 15 - 30
Types of plastering materials used Mortar for lightweight blocks or skim coat type mortar Mortar for lightweight blocks Normal mortar
Lintel Noneed lintel Lintel is needed Lintel is needed
Hanging anchor Normal anchor used Special anchor Normal anchor used
Electrical wiring and conduits installing Put in its hollow cores Need to cut wall before installing Need to cut wall before installing
Wastage at working site Less More More
Installation No need high skill labors High skill labor are needed High skill labor are needed
Weight of wall with 2 sides plastered, total thickness 10 cm (kg/m2) 180 - 200 90 - 100 180 - 200

Comparison of our Lightweight Concrete Hollow Core Wall Panel with Wall Material used in Market

Description Our Lightweight Concrete Hollow Core Wall Panel Concrete Block Wall ALC Wall (Siporex) Brick Wall Plaster Board / Panel (Everest)
Strength Very High High Medium High Low
Resistant to Moisture Very High Medium Low Low Low
Sound Insulation Very High Medium Low High Very Low
Resistance to Fire High High High High Low
Requirement for Labor Very Low High High High Low
Install Speed Very High Very Low High Very Low Very High
Electrical Installation Easy Medium Easy Tedious Tedious Tedious
Thickness of Plaster Only Skim Coating Thick Plaster + Coating Only Skim Coating Thick Plaster + Coating No Plaster No Coating