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Lightweight Hollow core Wall Panels for Partition Wall & Heavy Duty Pre-Stressed Boundary Wall

affordable housing

The Precast Concrete Building Technology can be efficiently and effectively used on various Affordable / Low cost Mass Housing Projects being planned by the present Government Policy "House for all by 2020"

Urbanization in India has generated huge demand for housing which neither the cities nor the housing sector is prepared for.

The Construction industry is facing problems such as shortage of skilled labor, poor workmanship, low Productivity & quality of construction plus time and cost overruns etc.

In order to cater the issue surrounds the shortage of affordable and low cost mass housing at a much competitive cost and on time schedule, it is imperative to adopt alternative construction system.

The large projects comprising of Townships, Mass Housings, IT/ITES parks and SEZs’ are of common occurrence these days and will only grow exponentially in the near future.

Precast construction revolution is under way in India, and soon it will be the major type of construction to be adopted in the construction sector of India.

Concept of precast ("Pre-Engineered Pre-Cast ") construction includes those buildings, where the majority of structural components are standardized and produced in bulk quantity in plants at Project site or in a location away from the building site, and then transported to the site for assembly.

If full advantages of precast concrete are to be realized, then architectural Drawings is to be frozen first. Having philosophy of: Long spans, appropriate stability concept, simple design & details, element IDs, element geometry, reinforcement and strand details, concrete specifications, connection details, MEP Details incorporated with the layouts of each floor.

Designers should, from the very outset of the project, consider the possibilities, restrictions & advantages of precast concrete, its detailing remains in scheduling the elements to their respective molds, stockyard, trailers & transportation, Erection & installation by assigning particular dates for each stage & serviceability, before completing a design in precast concrete

We suggest Toilet Block Projects

  • Precast Toilet Block made from Worlds latest Concrete Extrusion Technology is most Economical & Easy solution. Pre-stressed Precast Concrete Hollow Core Reinforced Panel can have Thickness range 50, 75 or 90 with 600 mm Width & cut length as per Toilet height / Room height / as per requirement from long Slabs.
  • 11,11,00,000 Toilet Block to be made & install under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
    Vision of Shri Narendra Modi Hon’able Prime Minister.
    Govt. to spend 2 lakhs crore rupees for making this Toilet blocks, All India in 4,400 town in 5 years
  • Along with Toilet block project you can also manufacture other concrete items like: - Panels for making Partition Wall, Panels for Boundary wall, panels for Roofs for affordable housin, Multi-extruded elements like "H" column, Beam, Lintel, Fencing post, “T” etc. while using same Concrete platform & Supporting machines

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