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Precast Construction Technology is only solution towards future-oriented Buildings, for Fast, Affordable & Quality construction.

In today’s modern world, it is all about Cost saving by Minimizing Time, Energy, Material and Manpower. Where as in the past, long construction delays were accepted as a consequence of slow, traditional in-situ construction methods.

But today, Return on Investment (ROI) is Key word, as lands are becoming costly day-by-day & there is shortage of manpower.

“Precast” as the word speaks, is an advanced construction method used all over the world, as it Minimizes Site Requirements for in-situ Concrete, Skilled & Unskilled labor etc.

Precast method enables to start production parallel with Building Construction, resulting in Cost & Time saving by fast completion of project their by saves Interest carrying cost. This savings helps in compensating on New Technologies like Precast.

Looking at the Speed & Progress of precast construction, Buyers & investors also get attracted to invest in such projects. Precast methods Minimizes Site Requirements for in-situ Concrete, Skilled & Unskilled labor etc.

Factory produced precast elements has always been recognized to be of high quality, and the products offer a wide choice of construction solutions. They are widely used in urban regeneration schemes, from paving and landscaping to complete housing projects.

    There are 2 types of Precast Concrete Element manufacturing Technologies, Namely: -
  • (I) Pre-stressed, Precast Concrete Hollow Core Slab / Planks / Wall Panels etc. produced by Extrusion Process.
  • (II) Precast Elements Manufactured with the help of Formwork / Moulds in Factory.
  • A). Pallet Circulating Systems (Carrousel System)
  • B). Stationery Production System: -Tilting Tables, Battery Moulds, and Staircase Moulds Beams & Column moulds.

We suggest Toilet Block Projects

  • Precast Toilet Block made from Worlds latest Concrete Extrusion Technology is most Economical & Easy solution. Pre-stressed Precast Concrete Hollow Core Reinforced Panel can have Thickness range 50, 75 or 90 with 600 mm Width & cut length as per Toilet height / Room height / as per requirement from long Slabs.
  • 11,11,00,000 Toilet Block to be made & install under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
    Vision of Shri Narendra Modi Hon’able Prime Minister.
    Govt. to spend 2 lakhs crore rupees for making this Toilet blocks, All India in 4,400 town in 5 years
  • Along with Toilet block project you can also manufacture other concrete items like: - Panels for making Partition Wall, Panels for Boundary wall, panels for Roofs for affordable housin, Multi-extruded elements like "H" column, Beam, Lintel, Fencing post, “T” etc. while using same Concrete platform & Supporting machines

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